Write Two different essays, 2 different essays.

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Hello there, I want to write an essay has to be MLA format, 3 outside sources and 3 pages. The essay it will be about (What is the big thing you want to write about corona virus for Essay and What is the important truth that needs to be spread for the good of humanity) introduction and three body paragraph about the corona and what are the cons and pros of the virus and then make one or two paragraph about the Matrix movie. We have to talk about the movie and how is connect between the corona virus and the Matrix movie.

The Allegory of the Matrix

In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we are introduced to a form of humanity shackled in chains, in a form of perceptual bondage.In The Matrix by the Wachowski sisters we are introduced to a dark future where humanity is imprisoned physically and perceptually by a form of manipulative Artificial Intelligence.And in our daily lives we also experience a limiting of our social perspective as we replace our interpersonal interactions with social media posts.All three of these forms of imprisonment are virtually the same. Explain how this is true.If Neo could rescue humanity from Plato’s cave and the perceptual influence of social media, what would that rescue look like?Are there any modern figures in reality that have acted as a Neo or a Plato, in recent years, liberating humanity from their self-imposed perceptual bondage? Explain your answer using terms used by Plato and the Wachowski sisters.

Write Two different essays, 2 different essays.

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