World Literature Studies

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[7:10 PM, 5/5/2020] Jafar: When I was six years old I hit one with
a baseball bat. An accident, of course,
and broke his jaw. They put that dog to sleep,
a euphemism even then I knew
could not excuse me from the lasting wrath
of memory’s flagellation. My remorse
could dog me as it would, it wouldn’t keep
me from the life sentence that I drew:
For I’ve been barked at, bitten, nipped, knocked flat,
slobbered over, humped, sprayed, beshat,
by spaniel, terrier, retriever, bull, and Dane.
But through the years what’s given me most pain
of all the dogs I’ve been the victim of
are those whose slow eyes gazed at me, in love.

1.Discuss the final three lines in this poem. What do they mean in this context?
2.What does the poet mean by “lasting wrath of memory’s flagellation?

World Literature Studies

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