What is important to you in a relationship?

Can you help me understand this Sociology question?

Chapter 1 of the Rowland S. Miller (Intimate Relationships) (2018) textbook introduces us to relationships – why they are important, what they consist of, and factors that might influence them. Although we often talk about research in generalities or averages (normal curve), we also know that we each bring our own unique attitudes and experiences to our relationships. I want you to first think about your own relationships. What is important to you in a relationship? What about you influences your relationships? Now, I want you to think of some friends or family you know who are different than you and conduct an interview with them about their relationships and expectations for relationships (conduct two separate interviews). What do I mean by ‘different from you’? Well, that can mean a lot of things and is pretty flexible for this assignment. Maybe you interview someone from a different culture or someone from a different generation (e.g., a grandparent) or someone with a different sexual orientation. What do I mean about relationships or expectations for relationships? Well, that can also mean a lot of things! Maybe you talk about gender roles, commitment, attitudes toward marriage, etc.

Interview two (2) people. Ask your interviewees the same questions I asked you to think about above: What is important to you in a relationship? What individual characteristics or values or culture influences your relationships?Also create your own questions and conduct the interviews in a more conversational manner rather than simply asking a question and moving on.Some example questions you might ask: How have you seen relationships change in your lifetime? How has technology influenced your relationships? What are your thoughts on cohabitating? What are your thoughts on e-dating/using apps (e.g., Tinder or Match)?

For your initial post,

  • Briefly describe the two people you interviewed. Do not provide identifying information (e.g., names), but provide enough information so we get to know their background.
  • Provide a summary of your interview/conversations. Did the people you interview have different or similar responses to the questions you asked? Why do you think they were the same or different?

What is important to you in a relationship?

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