What is Freedom?

I’m studying for my Philosophy class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

You receive the following email from a friend who has been working on a video presentation about freedom. Respond to this email using what you have learned in this session. The response should be about 400 words: submitted to the personal journal as a new journal entry. Please write this in a letter format that is proper to an email.

Hope all is well with you. I’m emailing to ask for your help/advice . . . can you help me? I am getting to near the end of a project for a client who is creating a video presentation on freedom (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fj07rCbpak). We have some great sound bites from some great people but I cannot help thinking that it is lacking somewhere. Would you have time to take a look and write me . . . telling me what you like, don’t like . . . and even better, what needs to be added. Be as bold as you like!

What is Freedom?

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