Tuesdays with Morrie (pp. 80-141)

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Tuesdays with Morrie (pp. 80-141)

We will use this discussion forum to share our thoughts on the book, Tuesdays with Morrie, which you should have purchased over Spring Break. Please participate thoughtfully in these discussions by respecting the opinions and ideas of your fellow classmates, and also complete the posts by assigned due dates (located at the bottom).

Initial Post*

Choose ONE of the questions below and respond to it in 1-2 short paragraphs (between five and seven sentences each). Be sure to support your answer with examples from the book, as well as share your own perspective and personal experience. Also, write the Question # you are responding to so your classmates can reference it when writing a follow-up post.

*You must do your initial post in order to participate in the follow-up discussion

Tuesdays with Morrie (pp. 80-141) Discussion Questions

1. Morrie thinks people are confused by what they WANT and what they NEED. What does he mean? Can you think of an example from your own life when you confused these two?

2. Morrie says it’s important to be fully present in the moment, especially when you are with other people. What does this mean? Are you able to be “fully present” when you are with people? Why or why not?

3. According to Morrie, what gives us “spiritual security”? Explain.

Tuesdays with Morrie (pp. 80-141)

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