TGANG Week 2

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Lecture Videos:

Assigned Readings:

Gang Growth and Migration (attached)

Silver or Lead (attached)

Narco Drones Air and Space July 2020 (attached)

Forum Post / Mini Paper:


Choose 1 prompt from 3 provided below. Each paragraph should be at least 6 sentences and there should be at least 7 paragraphs. Please use at least 2 different sources as references in the mini paper. The sources should be either the lectures or the assigned readings. No other sources allowed. Please use proper MLA citation format both in-text and the works cited section at the end of the paper. Please upload the paper as a word doc by Wednesday July 1st at midnight 11:59 pm LA time.

Can gang membership be predicted – why or why not? What are the main predictive factors that increase the likelihood that an individual will join a gang? Which of these factors do YOU think is the most influential? Finally, what is the main limitation of the Seattle Study and why is this consideration important?

What are some of the major historical events that have influenced the development of West Coast Latino Gangs in the U.S.? Why were these events so important? What do these events suggest more broadly about the relationship between marginalization and gang formation?

What is the role of U.S. street gangs in the transnational drug trade? How does America’s drug appetite affect U.S./Mexico border security? What are some solutions for reducing the violence related to gangs and drug trafficking?

Week 2 Quiz:

Only available on Sunday July 5th. It should be also 25 T/F questions.

TGANG Week 2

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