Terms and Conditions

1) Revision policy


UniversityEssayWritings.com has various revision options in our efforts to make sure that all our client are fully satisfied with our services. (I) If the client wants full benefits of our free revision, he/she should present the paper within 14 days after receiving it. (II) After that period, the client will be expected to pay some revision charges, but which are normally at the rock bottom. Note: in the rare occurrence that a writer did not follow the client instructions, the writer will be asked to re-write the order from scratch. Else another writer will be assigned this order at no extra charges to the client. However, our team will work tirelessly to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied.


2) Refund of payments


In cases a client is not satisfied with the service even after revisions, Universityessaywritings.com will fully refund the client’s money in full. But on condition that the client request for the same within 72 hours after receiving final paper. In other words, if the client exceeds three days without requesting for a refund after the receiving the final paper, a refund will not be guaranteed. It will be assumed the client was satisfied with the service provided. At Universityessaywritings.com, a client has the right to cancel an order before completion. However, it should be noted that some of the amount paid for that order may not refunded due to inconveniences caused to the company.



3) Order instructions


At Universityessaywritings.com, a client is expected provide accurate and clear instructions and all their requirements including the due dates of a particular order while placing the order. The responsibility of disadvantages caused by omissions of such details may not be accepted by the company.



4) Late payment


UniversityEssayWritings.com only allows our writers to start working on an order once the client has fully met the payment for the order under consideration. Inefficiencies caused on the side of the client by late payment will not be a responsibility of the company. It’s advisable for a client to pay for orders placed in good time in consideration of their preferred deadlines.



5) Authentication concerns


Universityessaywritings.com is aware of con-men within the social media aiming at stealing from our unsuspecting customers. Our company has invested a lot to keep our the company and our clients safe by using a system that guarantees 100% security of the money in the transactions.



6) Delivery of orders


At Universityessaywritings.com, we understand the importance of keeping deadlines given by our customers for their orders. Orders are charged base on among others factors, the urgency of the order and will be calculated automatically by our system when a client is placing an order. In a rare event that an order is not delivered in time without the consent of the client, he/she may claim refunds.



7) Discounts


UniversityEssayWritings.com offers various discounts to new and return customers. The levels of discounts are determined by the company administration, and the company reserves the rights to give or not to give the discount to any client. For more information on our discounts, refer to our Discount Policy page on this website.