Term Paper

our introduction will include at least one full page of backstory on Toole and the genesis of the novel.

In the body of your term paper you will explain the book in regard to the
following stages in “the hero’s journey”:

The ?everyday world? of the protagonist

The call to adventure

The refusal of the call

The supernatural aid the hero receives/encouragement from the mentor
(optional?this might be a stretch)

Crossing of the first threshold/first turning point in the story

Entering the belly of the beast

The Road of Trials/Act Two(known commonly in story-structure?how-to?
manuals as the ?rising action?)

The importance of public gathering spots in the story

The meeting with the Goddess

Woman as temptress

Atonement with the father

Rescue from without

The second turning point in the story

The story’s climax

The denouement

You will devote at least one paragraph to each. Do not write about two or more
different issues within the same paragraph.

Moreover, in your topic sentences you will make it clear about which of these
components you are writing about.

As always, you will employ at least one, but no more than two pertinent quotes
from the text in every body paragraph.

In addition to these, point out:

The importance of the story’s socio-political backdrop

The most important motif the author employs

Finally, you will quote three different critical reviewers of the novel. These
reviews will have been made on the heels of the books publication. Later
reviews, after the book has attained cult, classic, and cult-classic status,
are not valid.

Strive to quote one favorable review, one that is mixed, and one that is less
than enthusiastic.

Of course, you will have a Works Cited page. Moreover, you will use internal

Finally, punctuate properly. The only punctuation I should see for the title of
this book is in italics.


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