Technology. Technology. Dilmun Logistics (DL) established in 1982 is a provider of a broad range of logistical services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The business includes sea & air freight, road transportation within the country and the Gulf region. It also incorporates warehousing and logistical services.
The management of DL has made the decision to move to a new facility early in 2019. The site is currently under construction and will incorporate a new warehouse and office facilities.

Dilmun Logistics relies heavily on its IT infrastructure. The management recognize how vital IT is to the success of the company. As part of this process they have hired one of Bahrain’s most reputable IT consultancy firm (which you work for) to assist with this transition. They expect based on your recommendations that it will help the company to streamline and improve efficiency.

The company has decided to shift to a new four floor premises which will incorporate a new warehouse nearby. Each floor of the company is approximately 180 m2. The company has many new departments and the new organizational structure, the locations of the departments and the number of employees in each department is given in the attachments.


You are required to set up an IT infrastructure of this Dilmun Logistics (D.L). You will submit your consultancy report to senior management which will include all your recommendations covering the following aspects:

Part 1 – Hardware requirements
This section details exactly what types of computers, peripherals and servers are required for the business in order for all the business operations to function. You can choose from a multitude of manufacturers (e.g. Apple, DELL, Samsung, LG, etc.).

A description of computer components (Including Storage Options) and their functions should be provided

A justification for the recommendations of hardware must be provided. You should consider, cost, performance, value for money, the specific needs of employees and department. A clear rationale must be provided for your recommendations

Part 2 – Software requirements
You have to select appropriate software for each department and decide which programs will be installed either on local computers or on a server to allow the company staff to share information with each other.
Remember not all computers in the company will be the same and will therefore have different hardware and software requirements depending on what they are being used for. You should cover the following:

1. Systems software required – You have different types of machines (laptops, desktops, servers) which require different operating systems – which ones will you recommend and why?
2. General Application Software required – Software needed for everyday tasks of the company’s employees. Which packages do you think the company will need for everyday work activities?
3. Departmental Software Applications – Different departments might require specific software to complete departmental duties. For instance what might Human Resources, Finance & Accounts, IT, Marketing and Sales require?
4. Specialist Software Applications – This is a logistics business and therefore will need special software to support the logistics functions. For instance students could consider ERP options necessary in any larger logistics enterprise.
Note: You need to clearly explain the function of the software recommended.

The format of the report

Each of the 2 projects report submissions should contain at least the following:

1. Cover sheet for the assignment which clearly identifies all students who have worked on the project.
2. Introduction (information about the company and an analysis of requirements).
3. Recommendations – A section that details your recommendations to meet the company requirements. You also should explain the reasons for your recommendations, and add images of the recommended technology.
4. Estimated costs – give a breakdown of the estimated costs in a summary table detailing all costs.
5. References – use this section to reference any websites or books you have used in your research.


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