“Why Has Employment Declined?

“Why Has Employment Declined?. “Why Has Employment Declined?. 2) Read the article in the textbook: “Why Has Employment Declined?” from Chapter 28, page 596-597 (https://keiseruniversity.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-6289127-dt-content-rid-20581360_1/courses/ECO2013G2-209262016/Course%20Resources/Week%203.pdf)
3) Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://bls.gov) and find the current:
a) labor force participation rate
b) the U3 (Headline) unemployment rate, and,
c) the U6 unemployment rate;
4) What are the differences between the U3 and U6 unemployment rates? Note not only the unemployment rate percentages, but also who is counted in each of the two measures.

5) After examining the information and views found in the above activities, what factors are contributing to the current unemployment rate and the current labor participation rate? Support your view with data from the BLS, information from the readings and the videos and concepts from the textbook readings (chapters 28 – 31).

6) Post your views to the discussion board and refer to at least two different concepts from this week’s Chapters. Your illustration of concepts MUST include an explanation why you think they are relevant to the week’s topic using specific information from the articles, videos and other research that you have done.


7) Post on three different days for a minimum of three posts. Failure to meet these minimum posting requirements results in point loss.

Include a word count on each post. All of your posts should sum to a minimum of 500 words.
Each post submitted should be between 150 and 250 words. Keep them short, specific, and clear.
Use paragraphs as appropriate.
Very lengthy posts do not provide an incentive to be read.
Remember to document all use of sources by using citations and references. These should be in APA format.
Please review Plagiarism Powerpoints (PLAGIARISM.ppt) and be sure to provide references (APA.ppt), including URLs where appropriate, to all works that you cite


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“Why Has Employment Declined?

“Why Has Employment Declined?

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