“The Iliad”

“The Iliad”. “The Iliad”. the name of book ” The Iliad ” translated by Robert Fagles
write an essay about this Q
Is there a “heroic code” that guides the decisions of the characters in The Iliad? Discuss the values of the Homeric hero, paying particular attention to contrasting characters such as Achilles, Odysseus, Paris, and Hector. Does one character emerge as more heroic than the rest? Does one character emerge as less heroic?

• Papers must incorporate quotes from the text to support their reasoning
• Papers must incorporate scholarly evidence from at least two-three sources
• No sources from the world wide web (independent from the library’s website) will be allowed. If anyone quotes from a source such as Wikipedia, he/she will automatically fail. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
* use google scholar to find source


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“The Iliad”

“The Iliad”

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