Telling a Story with Data

Telling a Story with Data. Telling a Story with Data. Assignment:
1. Find a dataset that you can use. Datasets should be simple (small) enough to where you can work with it
easily in Excel. I recommend a dataset that is 2000 observations or less.

2. Describe the dataset that you’ve chosen.
a. Where does the data come from ?
b. Who collected it?
c. Are there any potential biases or sample errors that could have occurred during the collection
process? If so, do you recommend proceeding with analysis and why ?

3. Use Excel to compute summary statistics for your dataset.
a. Create table that is easy to read and understand. Your table should be both visually appealing and
easy for the reader to understand. Variables should be labeled clearly and with understandable

4. Calculate 95% and 90% confidence intervals for the population mean(s).

5. Formulate and calculate a hypothesis test of your choice.
a. Calculate appropriate critical values
b. Calculate p-values
c. Interpret your tests

6. Use Excel to create one appropriate graphic (pie chart, histogram, bar chart, column chart, scatter plot, etc.).
Your graph should be labeled appropriately and follow all of the guidelines that we established in our Data
Visualization chapter in the beginning of the semester.

7. Write-up: your write up should describe the dataset to the audience and paint a picture of what sorts of
questions could be answered using this data. Describe your summary statistics and hypothesis tests. What’s
interesting about them ? What can we learn about the population from your data sample ?
a. Paste your summary statistics table, confidence intervals, p-values, etc. into your document. You
should also paste your graphic into your document.


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Telling a Story with Data

Telling a Story with Data

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