Memo writing on Flat tire

Memo writing on Flat tire. Memo writing on Flat tire. WRITING INSTRUCTIONS
Carefully read the prompt below. Revise the instructions (regarding the flat tire) including more detail and at least two graphics. Describe the entire process of changing the tire, not just the procedure for jacking up the vehicle. Present the revised instructions in a memo of no more than two pages. Use your own wording, but you may research the appropriate steps and take your graphics from Internet sources.

What to Do Before Jacking Up Your Car
Whenever the misfortune of a flat tire occurs, some basic procedures should be followed before the car is jacked up. If possible, your car should be positioned on as firm and level a surface as is available. The engine has to be turned off; the parking brake should be set; and the automatic transmission shift lever must be placed in “park” or the manual transmission lever in “reverse.” The wheel diagonally opposite the one to be removed should have a piece of wood placed beneath it to prevent the wheel from rolling. The spare wheel, jack, and lug wrench should be removed from the luggage compartment.


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Memo writing on Flat tire

Memo writing on Flat tire

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