Octopus. Octopus. Please answer and include the following content for Octopus. The guidelines are as follows:
€ The plan should be roughly 3 pages, double spaced. Figures, maps or graphs are encouraged and are outside this limit.
€ It should be organized using full sentences and paragraphs with clearly labeled sub-headings (group the topics listed above) and well-written (proof-read)
€ You must correctly cite (within text) the sources you used in designing the plan

The content that needs to be included is the following (Octopus):
€ Both the scientific name and common name of your species
€ The habitat requirements of your species & the historical and current geographic range
€ Position within the food web/trophic relations
€ Discussion of what kind of life history characteristics (r vs. K strategist)
€ Justified estimation of the amount of land/ocean habitat required for 1 individual of your species to survive (if species is very small, then provide area for a set # of individuals)
€ Justified estimation of minimum viable population size
€ The primary uses of the species by humans
€ Current population sizes and endangered status
€ Current threats to the species, recognizing that some species are viewed as “pests” (threats might include: overharvesting, climate change, habitat loss and/or fragmentation, disease, pollution, disturbance, and/or invasive species)
€ Provide two specific management recommendations with explanation for specifically how or why this would benefit your species
€ Provide one fun fact about your species (something really interesting)


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