Objectives (Project) and Task Analysis (Project)

Objectives (Project) and Task Analysis (Project). Objectives (Project) and Task Analysis (Project). Harassment".
Book for the course Blanchard, P., & Thacker, J. (2013). Effective training: Systems, strategies, and practices. Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-272904-8
For this weeks assignment, I have two parts of my final project that needs to be completed. They are the "objectives" and "task analysis". Remember, they are TWO separate assignments but I figured it would be easy to collaborate them into one order since it is step by step process. I have the instructions for both the objective assignment and task analysis assignment down below. I also have the instructions for the assignment uploaded as well. Please keep the assignments separate.

Objectives Assignment
To assess your ability to create learning objectives.

Remember: A good objective has three components:

Desired outcome: What should be expected to occur?
Condition: Under what conditions is the outcome expected to occur?
Standards: What criteria signify that the outcome is acceptable?

Action Items
Reflect on what you want your training module to accomplish.
Create a list of objectives that will be the result of your training module on the topic approved by your professor for the Topic Selection (Project) assignment. Write these objectives in complete form.
For further guidelines on writing objects, as well as sample objectives, read Learn to Write BOs.

Submission Instructions
Upload your objectives using the Submit tool.

Grading Criteria
The objectives meet the criteria for a good outcome.: 0 – 25 points

Task Analysis
To assess your ability to write an effective task analysis (job analysis) of a skill appropriate for training.
A task analysis is an examination on how people perform work activities. A task is a series of actions to accomplish a goal. Typically a task analysis deals with observable steps. Each step should contain a verb. You decide what each step in completing the task should be and in the proper sequence. Your trainee should be able to go through the steps as listed and successfully complete the task.
Action Items
Use the Task Analysis Template to prepare a task analysis of one of the objectives for your training module. An example of a completed task analysis is located in your text (Figure 4-4) for a trainer, and you can view example for a customer service representative by following this link.
You can also refer to pages 152-156 in your text for a review of the types of verbs that may be appropriate to describe knowledge, skills and attitudes that may be appropriate for completing this assignment.

Submission Instructions
Upload your task analysis using the Submit tool.


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Objectives (Project) and Task Analysis (Project)

Objectives (Project) and Task Analysis (Project)

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