NYPD. NYPD. Since the inception of policing in New York City, corruption has been a constant plague on the department. From the bribing of the first police officers by the corrupt political machine Tammany hall up to the so-called “Mafia Cops,” corruption and graft by the NYPD officers who swore to serve and protect has tarnished the reputation of the world’s most recognizable policing organization.

Despite these instances of corruption, hundreds of thousands have served the NYPD with valor and honor. Just like every facet of society, the NYPD has its bad apples.

For this assignment, I would like you to answer three questions:

Do you think that there will ever be a time where the NYPD can be free of systematic corruption?
What do you think leads officers to be corrupt?
How can the government and the citizenry of NYC help stop this insidious menace of systemic corruption?
Using examples from the film we watched in class, your own opinions and independent research on the subject of corruption within the NYPD, please answer the three questions I have presented. In your paper, be sure to explore the history of corruption within the NYPD.


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