Lesser-known cryptid

Lesser-known cryptid. Lesser-known cryptid. In this assignment, you’ll learn more about a lesser-known cryptid (i.e., not Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster).

First, choose a cryptid. Think outside the box for this! Some places to explore for ideas are:

Your cryptid must be a creature that some believe to actually exist today (i.e, not purely mythological like a unicorn).

Fully describe your cryptid. According to witnesses, what does it look like, sound like, smell like, etc.? Where has it been reported (general location, environment)? When and how often? How much agreement is there among various reports you read?

Are there any theories about the origin of your cryptid (e.g., the survival of a species thought to be extinct)?

What alternate explanations have been proposed for sighting/experiences?

Finally, what are your thoughts about this cryptid? This is where you will provide your opinions about the credibility of the sightings/witnesses, propose your own alternate explanation, etc.


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Lesser-known cryptid

Lesser-known cryptid

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