Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Organization. Nonprofit Organization. Week Seven Discussion Activity

Today we will be going on a Field Trip. Remember when you were in grade school and usually in the spring your class filed onto a big yellow school bus? It was time for an adventure. It is now time for a similar adventure.

Philanthropy is the life-line or nonprofit organizations and I would like everyone to become familiar with these sources. Please spend a day researching sites and then I would like you to email me with your choice of one site. You will then post to the Discussion Board a 200 word presentation about this site and the organization….also make sure you add the website. This will mean that we will all be able to take many virtual field trips to these sites.

Please remember to email me so that we do not use the same organization twice. I will let you know if your choice has already been taken. This will be a great learning experience for all to become familiar with the sources that are available for funding. Remember email me by Sunday night with your choice and then present your organization on the Discussion Board!

Good luck and enjoy the Yellow School Bus Virtual Field Trip!


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Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Organization

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