Non-Christian Religions

Non-Christian Religions. Non-Christian Religions. For the paper, answer all of the following questions (be sure to answer each part adequately). Use as many paragraphs for each answer as you want, but please clearly label your essay to make it clear which paragraphs answer each question (you can use a number, a section title, etc., as long as it’s clear where your answers to each question listed below start and stop.) Two of the three sources should be The Bible and The Christian Theology Reader by Alister McGrath. Thank you.
1. How has your view of God, the Christian faith, the study of theology, or the person of Jesus changed throughout your life? You may talk about more than one of these four options, but you must at least focus on one of the four.
2. Describe what is meant by the phrases “The Incarnation” and “Hypostatic Union” and explain the relationship between these two phrases.
3. What is meant when theologians talk about “The Historical Jesus” and what importance does this phrase have in theology? In other words, why do some theologians choose to emphasize Jesus’ identity in a historical context when others choose not to think about Jesus in a historical way as much?
4. In your view, are human beings basically good or basically evil? Defend your view with references to The Bible and/or other religious/theological writings.
5. What is vocation and what different types of vocations are there? Finally, what does it mean to be a saint in your opinion and how does one become a saint?
6. How might you experience situations where you have an opportunity to love your neighbor or love your enemy in your future careers? What challenges might you face in choosing how to act in these situations?
7. What aspects, ideas, writings or other “pieces” of moral theology/Christian ethics (choose at least 1 topic) could you apply in your personal life or in your future careers? Be specific with your examples, situations, etc.
8. Is morality entirely personal and relative to cultural norms, or are there any aspects of morality that are absolute, objective, or unchanging? Defend your position with references to The Bible and/or other theological writings.
9. How does the Christian faith answer, address, or respond to the problem of evil? Also, what is the relationship between Christianity’s response to the problem of evil, the fall of man (in Genesis), and the Incarnation?
10. Explain each of the three theories within Christian theology as a response to religious diversity (from “Reader” 9.1 Martyr, Christianity before Christ & 9.6 Rahner, Non-Christian Religions & 9.7 Vatican II, Non-Christian Religions) Then, state which one you think is the most acceptable theory and defend your reasoning for this choice.


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Non-Christian Religions

Non-Christian Religions

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