Neural development and insulin

Neural development and insulin. Neural development and insulin. Title is: “Describe the similarities and differences in how insulin signaling is used at different steps of neural development to build the nervous system”

Minimum number of references: 12
References must be from original research articles, from well-known sources: eg: Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, etc..

At least 3 figures from the original papers required.
They strongly encourage us to draw our own figures (I can do this myself if the writer gives be ideas or opinions on what shoud be drawn)

The major stages of neural development are: Neural induction, induction of neural plate, neural proliferation, migration/aggregation, axon growth/synapse formation, neuron death/synapse rearrangement.
Typically, they be divided into two classes:
a) activity-independent mechanisms: occur determined by genetic programs within individual neurons. These include differentiation, migration and axon guidance to their target, synapse formation… Independent of neural activity and sensory experience.
b) Activity-dependent: for eg once axons reach their target areas. Eg: modification of synapses and synapse elimination.

*You need to explain the major stages of neural development processes, and how insulin is involved in them. And point out the similarities and differences.
*All the statements must be backed up by experimental evidende.
*The essay needs critical evaluation.

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Neural development and insulin

Neural development and insulin

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