neural correlates of moral decision making

neural correlates of moral decision making. neural correlates of moral decision making. Please, structure your paper as follows. I prefer to read papers that explicitly state when each part begins (you can insert the titles below as subheaders):
1) Title and Author
2) Introduction (ca. 2 pages): Introduce your topic in a clear manner. You need to start from the beginning. Readers not familiar with the subject matter should be able to easily follow your writing. In my example from above, you would use this section to briefly introduce the topic of moral decision making in the brain and the difference between personal and impersonal decision making. The research articles you picked for your literature review can be a good model for what the introduction can look like but you may even take it one more step back from there and explain the very basics too. Make sure you explain the terminology you use.
3) Literature Review (ca. 5-6 pages): Here is where you dig into those studies and report what important information they have to contribute to the topic. Use 3-5 sources. Staying with my example from above, you would use this space here to summarize studies about impersonal moral decision making and hippocampal activation. You may interweave one or two studies that found activation in other brain regions when it comes to impersonal moral decision making. The skill in this section will be to go back and forth between studies and/or book chapters and not make this a boring laundry list of study summaries. The task is to discuss the literature on the topic in this section. Make sure you add all the necessary details we need to truly understand what your studies’ findings are.

4) Discussion (ca. 3-4 pages): This part should be the most interesting and engaging for the reader. You are supposed to tell us what this all means! Why is the topic relevant, not only to you personally but to society? What practical implications does it have? What limitations did you find in the studies, what future studies could or should be done to elaborate or expand on the topic? Finish off with a sentence or two of conclusion.
5) References
 Each paper should be between 10 and 12 pages double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins all around.
 Title and author at the top of the paper.
 Use subheaders (Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, References).
 Cite your sources in text (APA or other commonly used citation formats accepted).
 Reference page at the end.
 Proof-read your paper thoroughly.
 Submit before the assigned deadline via the designated Assignment link on Blackboard.


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neural correlates of moral decision making

neural correlates of moral decision making

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