Namarq “Product” Report

Namarq “Product” Report. Namarq “Product” Report. 1 Executive summary


2 history and background


3 feasibility study (done) 🔴


4 business model (using grid)


5 industry and competitor analysis (type of industry?)


6 company description


7 market analysis


8 economics of the business


9 marketing plan


10 operation plan


11 managment team and company structure


12 overall structure


13 financial projections



******* The parts I am doing are highlighted in red.


















  1. Background about the product or service.

Many of us have experienced the utter pain of furnishing an apartment or a house; it takes a lot of time when dealing with limited business hours, prayer times, traffic, and looking for the right piece. What if there was an app or a platform where one can easily access furniture with the push of a button? How can this app minimize the effort and time needed when finding the right furniture piece?


  1. A description of the product or service.

Namarq means the pillows on which one lean on when they are placed beside each other. The name is inspired by Surat Al-Ghashiyya {15}.


Namarq is a platform that will enable clients to find the perfect product from local furniture showrooms at the right prices as they relax in their homes, without the hassle expected when furnishing or renovating a house. Clients will order the selected products directly from the website or the app at a discounted price. Then, they will receive a delivery service to their home, or benefit from Namarq by browsing and finding out what is available and accessible in the local market.


  1. The intended target market.
  • Individuals: they will browse and buy furniture.
  • Interior design offices: offer a combination of suggestions to their customers.
  • Furniture showrooms: showcase and market their products.


  1. The benefits of the product or service.

This amazing app/website will make life easier. Instead of visiting each individual furniture store customers can check them all at once. Instead of wasting time going back and forth to each store and waiting for opening hours customers can decorate their house 24 hours, anytime anywhere from the comfort of their home. Namarq doesn’t only make making a decision easier but also saves time and money.


  1. A description of how the product or service will be positioned relative to competitors.

Our website/app is first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and that is it’s biggest competitive advantage. We will be people’s first choice since we are local. Namarq will be a Saudi Arabic option and the delivery will be faster.






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Namarq “Product” Report

Namarq “Product” Report

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