Myth of the Automobile

Myth of the Automobile. Myth of the Automobile. A research paper is a multi-sourced essay that demonstrates your ability to create a well-developed argument that clearly articulates a thesis supported by textual evidence as well as provides a theoretical lens with which to view your argument; you will select, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize sources to make your point; and you will document sources using proper MLA format.

This semester our readings focus on the ideas of myths/signs/symbols/pop culture icons and looking further at cultural and socio-political movements to delve behind some of these meanings. Our readings also play on the notion of understanding a myth/sign/symbol/pop culture icon as text and the connotations associated by them as created by the mutual relationship of a sign interacting with the reader/audience and their own cultural, historical, and socio-political framework.

For this research paper, you will choose a “myth”/sign/symbol embedded in pop culture to closely analyze it in itself, but also analyze the historical, social, cultural, and political factors that helped frame this “myth/sign/symbol.” In addition, consider a theoretical framework, such as semiotics, from which to view and create your argument. Consider the contemporary view of your myth to juxtapose it with the historical.


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Myth of the Automobile

Myth of the Automobile

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