Musical “Hamilton”

Musical “Hamilton”. Musical “Hamilton”. SOURCES: About the song “The room where it all happened”, the song is more about a few political insiders making decisions in secret or by themselves, NOT going through Congress, which is supposed to decide for the people who elected them.
At any rate, I’d like a definition of what the writer meant by “consciousness awareness.” Does he mean people should be aware of their own perceptions of how the world works?

OTHER: You can say a little more about the casting: mention Monteiro and her criticism that the play merely teaches the “exclusive” history of white people even though people of color are the actors. She would have like the play to portray actual people of color who helped fight the revolution. Then you can answer Miranda’s criticism with Miranda’s defense: the reason to have actors of all colors is so that the cast “looks like America today” and interests every spectator, not just white spectators.
Think about the rap music part in the same way. What else can you say about rap? It is very rapid, with many words packed into a song, so the musical manages to tell a lot of history, condensing many pages of the biography into a few minutes of song. You may find other ways to show why rap helps—it certainly is energetic!

Finally, I liked a lot what Bee-Stinger said about the elements of rap. I got a little lost on “consciousness awareness,” though. Does he define it? Does it mean realizing how you (or other people) understand the world? Can you use specific lyrics from “the Room Where It Happens” to explain why the song shows some kind of consciousness? Or can you think of how to illustrate with lyrics other ideas in Hamilton, like the element of justice for slaves? Just be developing your three points more.
Also, you are supposed to have three sources. So add the original cast album.


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Musical “Hamilton”

Musical “Hamilton”

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