music download

music download. music download. You could argue that the laws aren’t clearly stating that its illeagal to download music online. You could also argue that music online doesn’t have a label that says it copyrighted, so its the job of law makers to make people aware that they are copyrighted by making it known.

Make sure you at least have five arguments and five counter arguments you rebutel

Just tell them it’s on the topic of downloading music illeagaly through the net and they should try to convince people to make it legal or keep it illegal. By downloading music illegally I mean not paying money for it and the artist or the company can’t make money off your download . Tell them to use the articles I provided to strengthen their arguments. They should have counter arguments as well or opposing side opinion and refute it. I also asked for an outline paper. An outline is a paper that lists the thesis, the arguments and counter arguments and their main points. It should be listed


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music download

music download

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