music concert

music concert. music concert. the concert was taking place at MTSU university at Murfreesboro ,TN, USA,,,,,,,,see the pictures may help you
please check the images i sent you in the upload files MUS 1030 Concert Report Guidelines YOU MUST STAY FOR THE ENTIRE CONCERT!! *Due dates for concert Reports can be found on the Course Calendar, BUT Concert Reports can be turned in via 02LDropbax atany time during the semester! You do not have to wait until the due dates to turn them in. You must attend l classical music concert Ijazz/world music and Iconcert of your choice. concert, (You do not have to attend cancerts in this order) Roman 12 poin Grammar and spelling are considered in the grade. o If English is not your first language and you have concerns. contact me aboutit The report should be typed and double d Handwritten reports won’t be accepted space Staple a copy of a program to the report (given by ushers at all MTSU concertevents). material that o If you are attending an event that is outside MTSU or does not offer a program. you must attach some kind of proves attendance, ie photo copy of ticket/pass. in doubt contact me. How did you hear about the event? How was it publicized? Superficial details of the event o Who? Where? When? o Estimate the size of the audience. o What was the venue like? Personal Analysis o What were expectations coming in? Were they met? Were you disappointed? o Did the performances have mood altering effects on you? Why might that be? o How did the behavior of the audience affect your experience? o Do you feel like the performer(s) created a relationship with the audience? Why? you as being unusua? o Which non-musical aspects of the concert were the most surprising to you or struck o In general was the performance entertaining? Why or why not? This is a music course, so the bulk of your document should contain details about the music using terms you have learned during the semester (instrumentation, range, tempo, dynamics, textures, timbre, melody, harmony, etc.). We will strive to learn a lot ofthese terms early on so that you can give a detailed description. will also provide you with an example of a well written concert report. Each student will be required to attend three concerts during THIS semester. Students must attend one of each of the following genres (in no particular order): 1) Classical (Western Art Music) 2) Jazz or World (Native Music from outside the Western world) 3) Any genre of your choice •
the MTSU School of Music Concert Calendar may be found at • If there is a musical performance that particularly interests you, and you would like to use it as one of your concert report subjects, but it is outside of the MTSU program’s concert series or it is something you think might be questionable as a subject for study in this course, come speak with me or email me and we will talk about it


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music concert

music concert

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