Multimedia communication

Multimedia communication. Multimedia communication. Multimedia communication, real-time system and communication, quality of service provisioning, wireless communication, wireless and mobile networking, wireless sensor networks, pervasive/ubiquitous computing, layered sensing and trusted query, trust, security and information assurance, open spectrum access & cognitive radio networks, information theory, game theory, distributed signal processing, semantic Web, RFID and medical/health informatics, organism and human cellular networks, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical networks, Grid computing.

Topic Selection
Your term paper should comprise of either (i) a thorough survey of a new topic or (ii) design, evaluation, and/or implementation of an algorithm/protocol in relevant areas. You can find relevant reference materials that appear in archive journals and conferences. Some potential topics are listed in this document.

Submit a short proposal (one to two typed pages maximum) by January 27. You should submit the following:
1. Tentative title, author name, and email address.
2. Term paper outline:
3. Survey paper: problem statement/overview, background materials, description of existing algorithms/schemes, the way you would like to survey on/compare among them (e.g., with respect to some performance measure or implementation overhead), and possible enhancement of existing algorithms/schemes.
4. Research-oriented project: problem statement/formulation and motivation, background materials, objectives to achieve, possible methods of attack, and any pertinent information you would like me to know.
5. Time schedule listing dates of major “milestone”.
6. References (list only those actually consulted in preparing the proposal).

Midterm Report
Submit a short report (2 pages) by March 10 describing your progress. It should include (1) what has been achieved so far; (2) planned work for the rest of the quarter; (3) problems encountered and your plan of attack to keep your project on track.

Written Report and Presentation
The term paper is due by April 28 in class. It should be of professional quality and be in the format of an IEEE transaction style. Figures must be clear and drawn by you. Proper citation of references must be embedded in the term paper. All term report should be printed in 8.5x11in format, 10 size, time new roman font, two-column, about 8 pages, left, right, top, bottom margin 1 inch, and contain the following:
1. Title page.
2. Abstract (summary of the paper).
3. Introduction (problem motivation, background materials, related work, summary of objectives and methods).
4. (i) Description of existing algorithms/protocols for survey papers; (ii) system model, assumptions, and/or formal problem formulation for research-oriented papers.
5. (i) Comparison among existing algorithms/protocols and discussion on possible improvements/enhancements; (ii) project results (derivation, proof, justification, or detailed design/simulation) in one or more numbered sections for research-oriented papers.
6. Conclusions (evaluation of results, suggestions for improvements, or future work).
7. References must follow IEEE Transactions format (at least 10 references). Proper citation of references must be embedded in the term paper.
8. Appendices (if appropriate).
In particular, references used must be clearly cited in your written report at proper locations.


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Multimedia communication

Multimedia communication

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