Movie Analyze

Movie Analyze. Movie Analyze. Rationale
For this assignment I want you to watch one of the movies below and read �The leadership
Advantage� by Warren Bennis. Then I want you to craft a five page essay that ties together
the article, the movie, and theory from this unit of the course. The overall goal of this
assignment is to show that you can apply theory from this unit to practice and demonstrate how power,
influence, credibility, and ethics are inextricably linked.
As I mentioned in the guidelines for assignment 2, as you choose your movies, I want you to
choose a movie with a protagonist of the opposite sex, or one that features a protagonist of a
different sexuality, race, or ethnicity. Thus, for the three interaction analysis assignments, two
may be of leaders �like you� and one must be of a leader who is of the opposite sex, or
culturally different in some way from you. You may not debrief the same movie more than one
You can obtain these movies from libraries, rental stores, Netflix, or a venue of your choice.
Synopsis text from
The specific objectives are for you to:
� demonstrate an understanding of elements of leadership and follower ship in action
� identify the elements of communication in the movie that transact leadership
� evaluate what the most salient elements of leadership are (pertaining to this unit)
represented in the movie
� draw on your knowledge base to analyze a series of interactions pertaining to
� synthesize the required text, additional readings, and elements of the movie to show
that you can debrief leadership encounters in a meaningful way using concepts
raised in this unit: namely power, influence, credibility, and ethics.
As you debrief the movie bear in mind
� you may focus on one or more characters
� you may focus on one or more situations/encounters
� you may compare and contrast characters/situations
� you may evaluate communication and or behaviors in context
� you can take whatever approach you think will demonstrate the knowledge gained
from this unit exemplified in one or more communication encounters

Movies are listed below:
The Dark Knight (2004)
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Downfall (2004)
The Iron Lady (2011)
J. Edgar (2011)
Kicking and Screaming (2005)
Nine to five (1980)
Malcolm X (1992)


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Movie Analyze

Movie Analyze

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