movie analysis

movie analysis. movie analysis. Must be 2-3 double-spaced, typed pages in total.
Proofread your essay before turning it in.  You will be graded on both content and style.  
Bring a hard copy to class! Electronic file versions will not be accepted. 
Rather than vanishing from Korean film history, Korean historical drama (saguk) made a big comeback over the past 15 years. The Servant (Kim Dae-woo dir., Pangjajôn, 2010) is a Shrek-like revisionist interpretation of the classic tale Chunhyang where the classic folktale has undergone major changes. Since historical authenticity has been compromised in this film, do you think also the metaphor (Chunhyang as a chaste and stubborn gisaeng, etc.) and the allegory (corrupt magistrate vs. rebellious courtesan) of Chunhyang have been revised to a point where the moral theme that underpins the story has been shaken loose?


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movie analysis

movie analysis

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