Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership. Motivational Leadership. Answer the following questions at least 200 words to each. Please site (just one for each) at the bottom of each question.

question 1
Do you agree with the Carnegie Corporation’s report that it is the principal as instructional leader who is crucial to the effectiveness of a school? Contrast the Carnegie and Stanford reports to Spillane’s distributed leadership model. Which of the two positions, Carnegie and Stanford vs. Spillane, do you most clearly identify with? Why? Please explain.

question 2
Do you agree with Reeves’s position that student leadership roles are significantly related to future leadership roles in society and that the failure to provide and encourage opportunities for student leadership in the American educational system has left us with a generation of what Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Mel Levine (2005) calls “start-up adults”? What suggestions can you advance to better prepare current students to assume adult responsibilities and leadership opportunities?

question 3
The first element in Reeves’ New Framework for Teacher Leadership is “Recognition of Challenges” – how resistant to change is your school district? Please explain and share your thoughts as to how you, as a leader, could change or improve the situation

question 4
Reflecting on your own situation, does your school district use “evidence” or the “fact-free debate” approach to decision-making? Please explain. How much “resilience” do you see evident in your school district?

question 5
What are your thoughts about the concept of emotional intelligence? Hunter & Hunter and Sternberg have reported research findings that suggest that IQ by itself is not a very good predictor of job performance. What do you think about these findings? How complementary are IQ and emotional intelligence; should they be used in conjunction with each other? Should one supplant the other? Please explain.

question 6
What are your thoughts about Mayer & Salovey’s four branch model of emotional intelligence? Do you believe, as Mayer & Salovey maintain, that emotional intelligence improves and individual’s social effectiveness? Please explain.

question 7
Briefly share your thoughts about Goleman’s five-steps for strengthening your emotional intelligence and explain how you would apply Step 4 (How do you make change stick?) to your own situation. What new behaviors would you mentally rehearse until they became automatic? Why? – Please explain your choices.

question 8
How much of Reeves’ “blame barriers” do you see evident in your school district? As a leader, how would change / improve the situation? Reeves stresses that his New Framework for Teacher Leadership does not diminish the role of the school Principal or other school district administrators. How do you think your school Principal and other administrators would react to Reeves’ New Framework for Teacher Leadership model? What steps would you take as a leader to help implement and foster Reeves’ model in your school district?


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Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership

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