Monsters in Maya Water

Monsters in Maya Water. Monsters in Maya Water. Final Paper
12pt type, double-spaced with one-inch left-justified margins.
You MUST include a Bibliography or Works Cited and parenthetical citations in the text or footnotes where appropriate. No paper will be accepted without these.
MLA format for research papers.
Illustrations/photos must be at the end of the paper and labeled with their source, which must be included in the Bibliography or Works Cited.
– Typed, paper copy
– 6-8 pages in length
– Double-spaced
– 1-inch margins
– Spell check a MUST.
– Bibliography a MUST (see below for details).

Begin your essay with a clear and concise overview of your topic. What is the issue, question, or problem with which you are concerned? State it plainly. Briefly introduce the major research on the problem that has been done, specifically including the works of other authors. How or what will your question contribute to our understanding of Maya art, archaeology, and culture? This should be a brief, very specific paragraph, not an overview of Maya civilization. Beware of using “filler” just to get to the required page length!

Body of Paper:
From the overview presented in your Introduction, proceed to the specifics that will argue your point or provide evidence to investigate your question. Select the examples carefully, whether they are sides of an argument, or works of art. Describe them fully, citing the appropriate authors whose work you have researched. (See note on plagiarism below). Most importantly, bring your own creative and analytical skills to bear in describing, discussing, and analyzing your examples. Descriptive details are crucial! Dates are essential! Evaluate the evidence, weigh its relevance to Maya studies, and tell the reader why and how the examples you discuss and analyze are crucial for developing our knowledge of your topic. This is where you not only review available scholarly information, but also provide your own unique approach and voice.

In one or two clear, concise, and tightly presented paragraphs, summarize your argument. Review the evidence briefly, once again citing the authors upon whose work you have relied, as well as your own unique insights. Tell the reader how your work has contributed to a better understanding of the problem. Finally, suggest how further research and evidence could help advance our knowledge. Leave a path for others to follow!

I require that you use at least TWO scholarly books – no encyclopedias – to complete this research assignment. Many such books are on reserve for the class and many more are in our stacks. Inter-library loan is also available to you – plan ahead!

Use the online database resources such as jstor. See Inside Mass Art Library and use ONLY reputable, scholarly articles, and professional or academic websites such as MESOWEB and FAMSI. Museum and university websites can be useful, although they are designed for a general audience. Avoid un-juried and commercial Internet sites if possible, and NO Wikipedia!

REQUIRED!! No paper will receive a grade without one. MLA or Chicago styles are both acceptable – just be consistent.
Easy Bib is a useful site:


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Monsters in Maya Water

Monsters in Maya Water

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