Module 5 Discussion 2: Cyber Scavenger Hunt

Module 5 Discussion 2: Cyber Scavenger Hunt. Module 5 Discussion 2: Cyber Scavenger Hunt. Overview
In this discussion, you will begin to collect supporting data for your Call-to-Action speech. You may refer to the Criteria for Evaluating Web Sources for guidance on resource selection (Ill upload this)

Complete the Cyber Scavenger Hunt. Choose to support a policy change and convince your audience to take action by gathering supporting evidence. Your ability to persuade is directly linked with the amount of examples, expert and peer testimony, and statistics that you use to bolster your point of view. The following exercise is designed to better acquaint you with the information available on the web. Following are some sites that will be helpful:
Find a quotable quote you can use in your next speech. Write the quote and the occupation and name of the author.
Find a statistic in an encyclopedia, yearbook, or almanac. In one sentence, state the statistic and explain what the numbers mean.
Find the name and author of an article that deals with your speech topic.
Find an example—real or hypothetical—from a source on the Internet. Write down the example and the URL where it was found.
Find the author and title of a book that deals with your topic.

Here is my topic: Topic 1. Persuade my audience that there SHOULD be gender equality
A. Position- For Gender Equality
B. Development- I would develop this topic by researching topics and current campaigns on gender equality. I would need to address feminism but not let that be the sole research because gender equality isn’t about siding to one gender its about all being equal. I would also add famous activist on the topic as well. My following main points would include:
i.  My “personal” experience and knowledge about gender equality
ii.  #HeforShe campaign
iii.   Address “men” in particular- what they can do and should do/ cut the bias opinions on men being feminist
C. Audience goal: I want my audience to believe in Gender Equality and to address what I’ve seen and break bias opinions on how to fix it.
D.use specific instances and stories/narratives to build your case. Such as; what will happen if nothing is done.


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Module 5 Discussion 2: Cyber Scavenger Hunt

Module 5 Discussion 2: Cyber Scavenger Hunt

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