Millennials in Defense

Millennials in Defense. Millennials in Defense. Your second assignment is to pick one of the two topics from Blackboard (either Millennials or Online Activism), read all three articles associated with the topic, and write a (minimum) 4-5 page Comparative Analysis using ONLY the text OF TWO of these three articles. For this assignment, you will be analyzing the arguments made in each article and making a claim as to which article is stronger and WHY.
In developing your paper, keep in mind the PURPOSE, AUDIENCE, PERSONA, and ARGUMENT of the author.
In addition to being well written and organized, the most successful responses to this assignment will do the following (these are not listed in order):
•      Describe the rhetorical situation (purpose and original target audience) surrounding the text under analysis and accurately summarize the argument presented in the text.
•      Explain and analyze how the author builds and presents his/her argument.
•      Explain and analyze how the author connects with (or fails to connect with) the audience.
Your introductory paragraph must include a clear thesis statement that effectively guides your audience and previews the structure of your paper.  You must also include ONE quotation for each of your body paragraphs.  Do not use first or second person, avoid questions and clichés, and be mindful of your punctuation.
Your thesis statement needs to have a subject, argument, and directives for you to be able to effectively argue your point. Each paragraph should make use of the MEAL structure: Main idea, Example, Analysis, Link and your use of quotes should display ICE structure, Introduce the piece of the argument, Cite where it happens in the text, Explain how it relates back to your thesis.


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Millennials in Defense

Millennials in Defense

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