Midterm Public Administration

Midterm Public Administration. Midterm Public Administration. Author Application Study. Author discussed in the Fry and Raadschelders book, writing a short essay summarizing that figure’s public administration theories, contribution to the field, and explaining how that contribution may also be applicable to the Constructive Action. 
• Summarize the basic thought of the author you have chosen.
• Explain what this person’s contribution to public administration. 
• How does understanding this person’s thought apply to your own agency/organization
• As a result of reading this person’s thought and contribution, are you better able to see the challenges in identifying an opportunity for change.
The Author/Case Studies should be 5-7 pages. 

Please answer the questions above 

Hint: My Constructive Action is about How to Manage a High Case Load. 

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Midterm Public Administration

Midterm Public Administration

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