Merchandise management

Merchandise management. Merchandise management. In this session, you will be playing the role of a District Merchandise Manager for a large fictional retail chain. You will be buying and managing the merchandise selections for ten to fifteen individual stores of varying sizes. This scenario will help you learn the processes and become prepared to run your own store or work in a corporate environment with better knowledge and established networks of vendors and suppliers.

As the District Merchandise Manager, you will run a women’s or men’s department for a district-wide group of stores for a large retail chain. You will manage the merchandise from the buying, markdown, and presentation standpoints. Your final project for the class will consist of the following components:

  • Markdown Analysis
  • Rebuy Opportunities
  • Identification of Slow-Selling Merchandise for Transfer
  • Rebuy Plan
  • Sales per Square Foot Analysis
  • Inventory Issue Analysis

>To start, you will explore the job of a District Merchandise Manager by researching job listings for this and similar positions.


Select a District Merchandise Manager position for five large apparel retailers (and provide the following details in the template provided for each retailer:

  • The name of the retailer you selected, the location of the store, and the address of its headquarters
  • The types of product(s) the retailer offers
  • The number of stores the retailer has and where the stores are located geographically—for example, northwest, east, nationwide, or international
  • The requirements and qualifications needed for the merchandiser position

In addition, answer the following:

  • What would you need to do to meet the requirements to be qualified for the position at any of these companies?
  • Are there any similarities in requirements and qualifications across retailers for the merchandiser position in terms of the skill set?
  • Is there a requirement for a specific number of years of experience?
  • Does the retailer have a requirement for the applicant to have a college degree?

Submit the completed template report comparing the five different job descriptions, as well as analyzing the required qualifications and how your experience meets them, in at least 400 words in a Microsoft Word document.

Cite the sources of the class resources, websites, journals, and trade magazines used to obtain data or relevant information. Remember to use the correct MLA format to cite references. Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and concise word choices.


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Merchandise management

Merchandise management

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