Mediation Conflict REDO JOURNAL 2 and Do Journal 3

Mediation Conflict REDO JOURNAL 2 and Do Journal 3. Mediation Conflict REDO JOURNAL 2 and Do Journal 3. Course Name: MEDIATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION.
Name of the book:
•Doherty, N., & Guyler, M. (2008). The essential guide to workplace mediation & conflict resolution: Rebuilding Working Relationships. London: Kogan Page Limited.

RE-DO-Section 2:
Second Journal Entry:

Identify the key issues for all parties involved in the 1st journal entry.
Please if you need any further information on me to write a journal let me know. I am international student in the united states.

My professor comment :

the 1st journal entry was good. The second one must continue your professional conflict step by step following the six stages. Please resubmit 2nd entry.
you can find the stages on Chapter 3: How Does Mediation Work? The Golden Question and the Six Stages of Mediation; Active Listening Skills.

Then do chapter 7: Third Journal Entry: Describe plan for discussion and ground rules to resolve conflict from journal entry #2.
Journal one the writer wrote :

Professional or workplace conflicts are unavoidable regardless of how one tries to escape them. These conflicts emanate from competitive tensions, power struggles, pride, jealousy, compensation issues, opposing positions, mood swings, and many more. I am currently under a manipulative supervisor who uses emotion to create conflict. When he is confronted regarding the lack of performance, he is quick to point a finger in my direction. He is fond of using such emotional tirades as little lies, blame shifting, half-truths, and crocodile tears, and other forms of manipulations and lame excuses just to get away. The worst thing frustrating me is that the management does not know the pain I am going through.

Journal 2 the writer answer:

There are various issues that are bound to affect the parties involved in mediation and various conflicts in the workplace.


The mediator must maintain neutrality during the whole of the mediation process. This involves a great deal of dedication and lack of favoritism of any group involved in the conflict. This ensures that the issues that are identified are justified thus increasing the probability of attaining a mutual agreement on the position.

The Conflicting Groups

The conflicting groups should avoid emotional outbursts that may serve to further escalate the conflict. Consequently, the conflicting groups should be willing to negotiate and discuss to end the conflict. The unwillingness of any party to engage in the mediation process may lead to chaos, thus render the mediation process impractical. Most importantly, the conflicting parties should avoid physical and verbal confrontation during the mediation process.

Bully Boss

Workplace bullying is mainly brought about by self-esteem issues present in the boss. I such an issue is identified, the bully boss should be advised to seek psychological assistance to help eliminate any issues associated with ego, which may be the primary trigger of the boss engaging in workplace bullying. This is bound to minimize incidents of workplace bullying and prevent the emotional part of the boss from interfering with the management duties of the boss.


The employee should maintain a high sense of self regard in any workplace. However, the employee should aim at fulfilling his duty in the organization and respecting the boss. Being lower in the hierarchical structure in the organization should not justify workplace bullying. The employee should ensure that he or she understands his or her worth in the company. There are different coping strategies that an employee can employ to avoid the negative impacts that accompany workplace bullying.


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Mediation Conflict REDO JOURNAL 2 and Do Journal 3

Mediation Conflict REDO JOURNAL 2 and Do Journal 3

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