Media Communication

Media Communication. Media Communication.

There are TWO sections to this assignment you must answer both sections. Please ensure read all the questions and the notes before you start. SECTION A – Answer BOTH questions. This Section is worth 20% of the total mark for this assignment, the equivalent of 300 words in total. You may exceed the word length to 400 words but the minimum is 300. *ANSWER BOTH* 1) In camera work, what is the difference between composition and framing and explain why both are important in factual videos? 2) Audio is often overlooked in video production; describe how the mix of interview, voice-over, natural sound and music can make a factual video more powerful? SECTION B – Choose only ONE question. The question you choose in SECTION B is worth 80% of this assignment and should be no less than 900 words in length. You may go as high as 1,200 words in this section, but no more. *CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING 4 QUESTIONS* 1) Apply Tilley and Cokley’s “Five Quick Questions about Framing” and their insights into different kinds of frames, to at least two of the five different versions of the same story on proceedings in Australia’s Federal Parliament in 2012. Note significant similarities and variations in composition and form, and issues like placement of piece to camera and story angle, in your analysis. SBS World News;dn=TEV201 24105376;res=TVNEWSA;type=mp4 10 News Melbourne;dn=TEV201 24105917;res=TVNEWSA;type=mp4 ABC News Melbourne;dn=TEV201 24105391;res=TVNEWSA;type=mp4 Seven News Melbourne;dn=TEV201 24105113;res=TVNEWSA;type=mp4 Nine News Melbourne;dn=TEV201 24105167;res=TVNEWSA;type=mp4 The questions are: What is the problem here? Who, or what, caused or is blamed for the problem? What solution is proposed? What type of frame is this? (Factual, values, interest or relational?) Who is missing? (What other frames are possible?) Q2) Thinking of your six minute production, map out all the stages of production for the assignment, then analyse how your pre-production decisions impacted your scripting and the final edit. Q3) Drawing on the concepts of mode of address and mode of documentary introduced in the unit of study, critically analyse your own six-minute video and in particular explore the relationships between theory and practice in your own work. Q4) Examining your Six Minute Piece to what extent was a lack of technical competence and/or confidence an obstacle to your creativity? *Provide a word count at the end of each section of your assignment*


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Media Communication

Media Communication

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