math 540 last

math 540 last. math 540 last. MATH#540



Integer programming generates integer solution values for model variables. Linear programming consists of linear relationships that represent decisions with given objectives and constraints. Linear programming models assume non-integers (not whole numbers) while integer programming models allow for integers that are rounded off (Taylor III, 2011). Integer programming is concerned with optimization problems in which some of the variables are required to take on discrete values. Rather than allow a variable to assume all real values in a given range, only predetermined discrete values within the range are permitted. In most cases, these values are the integers, giving rise to the name of this class of models. Models with integer variables are very useful. Situations that cannot be modeled by linear programming are easily handled by integer programming. Primary among these involve binary decisions such as yes-no, build-no build or invest-not invest. Although one can model a binary decision in linear programming with a variable that ranges between 0 and 1, there is nothing that keeps the solution from obtaining a fractional value such as 0.5, hardly acceptable to a decision maker. Integer programming requires such a variable to be either 0 or 1, but not in-between. Unfortunately integer programming models of practical size are often very difficult or impossible to solve. Linear programming methods can solve problems orders of magnitude larger than integer programming methods. A typical mathematical program consists of a single objective function, representing either a profit to be maximized or a cost to be minimized, and a set of constraints that circumscribe the decision variables.



“Reflection to date” Please respond to the following:

  • In a paragraph, reflect on what you’ve learned in this course.  Identify the most interesting, unexpected, or useful thing you’ve learned, and explain how it can be applied to your work or daily life in some manner.p(1)

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math 540 last

math 540 last

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