materials science

materials science. materials science. For CHE2506 Lab Report#4, Tensile Test, use the CHE2506 Final Lab Report Template. For the background theory and methodology, refer to Chapter 6 of course text (Callister, 2015).

This lab report is not due until Sunday December 6th, 1130pm.

Recommendations for Introduction Section:

Purpose: To investigate the use of a Tensile Test in determining the mechanical properties of metals.

1. Plot engineering stress vs engineering strain from the results of a tensile test.
2. Plot true stress vs true strain from the results of a tensile test.
3. Determine the modulus of elasticity, as accurately as possible from your results, and compare to expected values.
4. Determine the yield point and yield strength and compare to expected values.
5. Determine the tensile strength and compare to expected values.
6. Determine the ductility as both the percent elongation and percent reduction in area, and compare to expected values.

Background Theory:
Read sections 6.1 through 6.6 of your course text. Summarize this section into your background theory, including some direct quotes, figures. Provide citations on direct quotes and figures. You should also refer to the lab handout provided by Dr. Sollows and available through D2L. This may be attached as an appendix.

this is just what is the lab about and from which chapter it is. the structures of the lab step by step and all the files needed are in uploaded files.

* please make sure its completed of all the parts not same as the last one.


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materials science

materials science

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