Matching Functions and Attributes. 

Matching Functions and Attributes. . Matching Functions and Attributes. .  



Below are several concepts that pertain to linking planning and performance with budgets in an agency management processes.   Most were derived form the week 7 video lecture.  Please match the FUNCTIONS listed in NUMBERS column with the ATTRIBUTES in LETTERS COLUMN.

Please note that the ATTRIBUTES in the right hand column are NOT formal definitions, but rather descriptive phrases that relate to the FUNCTIONS  discussed in the lecture.


  1. Performance Budgeting –
  2. Performance Budget Linkage –
  3. Performance targets
  4. Logic Model
  6. Performance Expectations
  7. Critical success Factors
  8. Strategic Alignment
  9. Resource Utilization Example
  10. Internal Budget –
  11. External/ internal Budget
  12. Monitoring and accountability
  13. Performance Theory –
  14. Resource Utilization Strategy –
  15. Performance Report–


  1. Linking anticipated results to alternative spending levels.
  2. Outsourcing Support functions.
  3. Should be applied to each critical success factor.
  4. Financial Plan .
  5. Allocation of current year resources based on external ( legislative) budget
  6. Ratio or parole offices to parolees.
  7. Specific performance produces products and services ( output), That are requerid to achieve strategic goals and key objectives ( outcomes).
  8. Facilitates organizational reengineering.
  9. Driven By resources.
  10. Should relate actual to planned spending and account for differences.
  11. Resources are allocated consistent with priorities.
  12. Integration of performance into the budget process.
  13. Related various levels of required performance to a specific goal or Outcome.
  14. Should address the question: What was accomplished with the resources provides?
  15. Operationalization of strategy. Mandatory Performance.P(5.u)

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Matching Functions and Attributes. 

Matching Functions and Attributes. 

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