Mass Communication

Mass Communication. Mass Communication. This paper is a comparative analysis and discussion of my use and consumption of mass media (film, TV, radio, newspaper,etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc), and the media consumption of an older member of my family (grandparent, uncle/aunt, parent). I need to conduct an interview of the family member (in person or via skype) for details of his/her media consumption. Keep in mind that you need to focus on how they consumed and used mass media when they were younger (which mass media they used predominantly, how, with what frequency, to what effect, etc), and NOT their current consumption of media. Also, your paper must include excerpts from the interview to support your analysis. Remember to compare and contrast to highlight the inter-generational differences (between me, a 21 yr old and the family member you chose ONLY) in media usage and consumption. Needs to be detailed and specific about me and that person only. Use ‘I’ and ‘him’ when needed is fine. The only source that we should use is the interview. No outside sources needed.

Since back then there was no social media then you will just be talking about that person you chose mass media consumption back then. When talking about my use of social media you can mention how I use it to keep up with the news instead of reading newspapers, and how I use it for entertainment, and to follow up with celebrities, etc….


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Mass Communication

Mass Communication

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