Marketing Research

Marketing Research. Marketing Research. You are required to hand in a 3,000 words (excluding Appendices) individual report.
This assessment will help students to evaluate a market situation and identify an appropriate research method to make an
effecting marketing and business decisions. Students will use it as an opportunity to creatively design, plan and execute a
research project considering the ethical issues related to the project.
Assignment: Identify a corporate situation that could disturb you as a manager relating to the existing customer
experience (hereafter CX) practices of a UK organization. The organization firm must have their operations in the UK and
belong to one of the following sectors: Retail Banking (e.g., regular or savings account), Telecommunication (e.g.,
broadband or mobile service provider), or Retail (Online/Offline stores, or pure e-commerce). Evaluate their CX program
and management situation and use marketing research methodologies to find solutions to the problems faced by you. You
are encouraged to use the EXQ questionnaire (see core reading for module – Klaus, 2014) and at least one appropriate
marketing outcome measure (e.g., word-of-mouth behavior, loyalty intentions, or customer satisfaction) to collect data
from the customer base of the organization of your choice. Prepare a report that will explain and guide top management to
benefit from the solutions in terms of company growth. Your report should include the following sections:
Title page
Executive summary (include a summary of all sections for the busy executive who may not have time to read the whole
Table of contents.
1. Introduction and problem definition (using the secondary data that you have collected provide some background
information on the problem and explain how the company behind it will benefit from the research, clearly define the
problem and opportunity to identify the objectives and/or hypotheses of your research).
2. Research method and limitations (outline and justify your chosen research method and highlight the limitations of your
research design.)
3. Research findings (present key research findings in relation to your objectives and/or hypotheses).
4. Conclusions and Recommendations (key conclusions and recommendations for top managers in relation to your
5. Appendices


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Marketing Research

Marketing Research

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