Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothi

Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothi. Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothi. Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothing) in Myanmar
Brief Information about the assignment
H&M is planning to extend their market to Myanmar for selling women clothing. The writer should assume the role of the marketing assistant and write the report base on the development of a marketing communications plan for the launch of H&M women clothing shop in Myanmar.
Detail Information about the assignment
1.0 Brand/Country Choice 20% of total paper
1.1 Brand choice 
– Brief Information about the brand and reason for choice of brand.
1.1.1 Product Entry
– Brief Information about the Product Entry
1.2 Country Choice
– Brief information about the country and reason for choice of country
– Unemployment Rate
– Fashion Market Trend
– Consumer Expenditure

2.0 Campaign Context 40% of total paper
2.1 Customer Analysis
– Analysis of customer (for women clothing)
– Customer Segmentation
– Income and buying power
– Customer demand
2.2 Competitive Landscape
– Competitive landscape (for women clothing)
– Competitors analysis
– SWOT analysis
– Porter 5 forces
2.3 Market Trends
– Current Market Trends in Myanmar
– Market Trends for the demand of western fashion in Myanmar
2.4 Review of Previous Marketing Communication Activities of H&M (from other Asia country)
– Analysis and review previous marketing communication activities and how it can relate to our communication plan.
• Social Media
• Moblie
• Websites
• Outdoor, Print advertising, etc.
– This analysis will provide the foundation for the development of the launch communications plan.

3.0 Communication Plan 40% of total paper
3.1 Overall Strategy- Glocalisation
– Glocalisation Strategy (think globally and act locally) for women clothing in Myanmar.
3.2 Marketing Communication Objective
– Marketing Communication objective for women clothing in Myanmar.
3.3 Choice of Promotional Methods
– Analys possible promotional methods (advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations). 
– We will choose the advertising methods and use five media which are outdoor, newspapers, television, cinema and online.

3.4 Implementation of Promotional Method
– Detail Explanation of the implementation of Promotional Method.
– Depend on the chosen promotional method need to consider media, message, timing, reach and repetition etc. Do not need to undertake any actual design but need to use academic theory to support the idea.
3.5 Viability 
– Viability and effectiveness of promotional method after Implementation.

4.0 References 
– APA referencing

5.0 Appendixes
– Any relevant statistic, table, etc.


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Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothi

Marketing Communication Plan of H&M (Women Clothi

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