Mangement Fix: Fix Up

Mangement Fix: Fix Up. Mangement Fix: Fix Up. Task Details : Part B : Management Review (15) – Due Mon 2 Feb

This task will provide you with the opportunity to practice Management Review skills.

You will be provided with case study materials on Moodle during the term. Your task is to conduct a Management Review on these materials and document your review recommendations in a review report that is suitable for presentation to Management.

There is no word limit.

Harvard Referencing is required.

Part A & B Due Mon 2 Feb

Submit Part A and Part B as 2 separate files in this one assessment area, in either Word or PDF format.


Assessment Criteria

Review and Discussion (6%)

  • Purpose and scope of the review are clearly defined (1)
  • Case study materials are discussed demonstrating critical thought (2)


  • Findings are clearly identified and supported with evidence from both the case study and the current legislative environment (2)
  • The discussion is relevant to this organisation’s declared mission, purpose and size (1)

Recommendations (4%)

  • Recommendations are strategic and aimed at continuous improvement (2)
  • Recommendations are clearly stated and action-focused, providing a clear path forward (2)

Report (3%)

  • Format and structure are clear and easy to follow (1)
  • Writing style suitable for Management audience (1)
  • Intext and final list referencing provided using Harvard style (1)p(1)

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Mangement Fix: Fix Up

Mangement Fix: Fix Up

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