Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence

Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence. Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence. Biography Assignment

EI Biography Review – Select a biography of a leader (do not choose an autobiography). The student will research, analyze, synthesize and report to the class the inferences of this business, civic, cultural, or political leader using the emotional intelligence theory. (6) page paper of synthesized work.

Concepts to consider when writing your paper.

Tell about the influences in this person’s early life that developed his/her personality, character and EI traits. Start at the beginning of the individual’s life. What impact did family have on the individual?

What were this person’s talents? What were some experiences that might have foreshadowed that this person would become successful and famous?

Describe the major accomplishments of this person. What did he/she do well? What failures or obstacles did he/she encounter? Where they “liked” in the organization?

Write about the personality, character, and EI of this person. Use at least two or three concepts from class or the textbook to support your paper. What is his/her well-known EI characteristic? What are some little-known qualities that you learned about? Did the author characterize this person as perfect, or did the author give you insights into this person’s mistakes and faults?

Use some of the EI domain characteristics to describe the individual throughout their life.

What is the setting in which this person lived? Was the setting important to his/her success or fame? Can you identify which organizational style (classic, human relations, or systematic) influenced the individual?

Can you identify the four-letter MBTI indicator of your person? Is/was the person a Change Agent? If so, provide an example.

Where positive and negative behaviors of the person identified throughout the book? Did these behaviors impact the EI of the individual?

Did the individual work in a large organizational setting? How did their EI leadership influence the organization through the years? Did it positively or negatively impact the success of others?

Note: These concepts are ideas which you can incorporate into your analysis. Several others are available.


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Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence

Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence

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