Management Report

Management Report. Management Report.

Individual Report


On company/ Product “Pringles” (crisps)





  • Develop a detailed critical analysis and evaluation of the organisation’s current position to manage strategy for value creation based upon the 3 strategic themes Discussion should focus on the importance and implications of each theme for the organisation and its current and future strategies.


  • Striving to meet customers’ and key stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Managing innovation or change in a dynamic environment.
  • An appropriate strategic theme to be identified by the student.



  • Develop a critical assessment of how a strategic thinking approach to strategy may (or may not) fit and enhance the organisation’s strategic capabilities, performance and pursuit of value.




Word limit:                           4,000 Words            (excluding appendices)

Format:                                 Management Report


Weighting:                            70%  


Anonymous Marking:        Yes



Report should also include Executive summary 1 page, content page and conclusion and recommendation. Rest please check below for criteria.




Assessment Marking Criteria:

The following assessment criteria will be used to mark the report:


Criteria      %
Informative introduction and summarised profile and context of the organisation.    15
Well developed critical discussion of the three strategic themes.    45
Well developed critical discussion of strategic thinking in managing strategy for value creation.    30
Relevance of conclusions drawn from preceding sections.    10
The following will also be taken into account in support of the above criteria:

–          Use and application of relevant concepts, theories, facts, examples, research evidence, etc.

–          Professionalism of style, structure, logic and presentation of the management report.



Outline/Indicative Answer:


Effective reports will reflect the following example of an indicative structure in addressing the terms of reference set:


  • Introduction to report, summarised strategic profile of the organisation and context analysis.


  • Development of a critical discussion, based upon effective analysis and evaluation, of the importance of the three strategic themes. This should be informed by the work completed in Assessment 1, but should NOT be a simple restatement of it. There is an expectation that students will develop a focused discussion of the implications of the strategic themes for the organisation and its current and future strategies.


  • Development of a detailed critical discussion of how a strategic thinking approach to the creation of value may (or may not) help the organisation, given the priorities established within the strategic themes and wider analysis. This discussion should be driven by engagement with key academic sources / literature, to examine the implications of strategic thinking in managing strategy for value creation.


  • Draw some specific conclusions about the strength and position of the organisation for supporting the competitiveness of their products /services in the future. The conclusions should firmly reflect and synthesis the analysis and evaluation within the previous sections.




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Management Report

Management Report

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