Strategic Management Analysis of TESCO

Strategic Management Analysis of TESCO. Strategic Management Analysis of TESCO. Report details

The report requires students to carry out an in-depth analysis of one organisation from the industry sector chosen in Business Analysis (BSP025). The overall aim is to apply relevant analytical tools or frameworks to critically evaluate the strategies being pursued by the identified organisation. In doing so, students will need to assess the strategic capabilities of the chosen organisation by conducting internal analysis. Students should also combine both the external and internal analysis to identify viable strategic options for the company in the medium-long term future (typically a three to five-year time horizon).

  1. Analysis/evaluation of the chosen company’s strategies, using appropriate analytical tools and frameworks which may include the following:

Corporate Level Strategy: the corporate parenting matrix and

Diversification strategy for Tesco.

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Strategic Management Analysis of TESCO

Strategic Management Analysis of TESCO

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