Lower middle income country

Lower middle income country. Lower middle income country. PICK ANY LOWER MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRY EXCEPT NICARAGUA!
California State University, Fullerton
ECON333: Economic Development
Fall 2016
Instructor: Jason Gurtovoy
Optional Extra Credit Assignment due 11/10 7:00pm (Late Submissions not accepted)
1. Select one developing country (LIC) to work with for this exam. (Cannot be the same as
the group project.)
2. Find three examples of drastic family planning policies (for your given country) and
analyze the impact on GDP, population, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, output
per worker, and capital per worker. (Use the last year that has data available.)
3. What has been said about the dependency ratio? Do a 1-page literature review on the
effects of the dependency ratio on income per capita differences across time and space.
Contrast it with your findings of your chosen country.
4. Find 5 important “education” factors and 5 important “health” factors that would that
would play an important role in developing some planned reforms to help the country.
(Cite your sources!)-You may find Chapter 8 helpful in this regard.
5. Read the article, “Silicon and Pine” and, “Over the top”. (posted on Titanium).
The two articles that you just read should give you an idea about some of the issues
facing Zimbabwe.
6. Explain the role of urbanization and migration in Zimbabwe and what has changed over
the last 10 years. (Think about how that may help set up reforms that would lead to
higher standards of living, life expectancy, efficiency, and output.) Contrast this with the
possible reforms and policies in your chosen country.
7. Finally, create a planned reforms table that show which reforms you would implement in
the country that you chose. Explain why you chose those reforms and the order in which
you would apply them. Your reforms should be supported by topics and concepts from
the Todaro textbook (include the page numbers). Keep the Zimbabwe articles in mind.
Guidelines: Information from all sources should be referenced in the text. Your answers should
be Times New Roman Font, Size 12 Font, Double Spaced, Standard Margins, No color. Your
responses should be clearly numbered.


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Lower middle income country

Lower middle income country

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