LM03 (Chapter 3) Activity: Mutations

LM03 (Chapter 3) Activity: Mutations. LM03 (Chapter 3) Activity: Mutations. The origin of all new versions of any given genetically controlled trait is mutation- a random change in the genetic code. Chapter 3 introduces you to the term mutation, but doesn’t really explore how much or how little effect a single point mutation can actually have. I’d like you to explore the concept of mutation in more detail, so….
1. Go to the mutation tutorial and learn about the basic kinds of mutations and their effects. Read all of the pages, but focus most on the one entitled “Types of Mutations”. Look at, play with, and practice understanding the examples on the page of real DNA codons and the fake DNA of the real English-based “genes” (really, sentences) used on the page.
2. When you are ready, please use your word processor (remember to upload only PDF file formats only) to create a document in which you will work and save your work in case of technical issues.
3. In your document, type the following genetic “sentences” representing two genes. Assume that the word “THE” represents a start codon, marking the beginning of a gene, and the word “END” acts as a punctuation codon, marking the end of a gene: THEFATCATATEHER REDRATENDTHECAT SATANDSATANDSATEND
4. Now, modify the sequence three times to reflect what would happen to it if the following point mutations were to occur to the genetic code:
An insertion
A deletion
A substitution
5. Be sure to retype the sequence three times (once for each mutation), and label which is which. Use an underscore _ or a lowercase letter to indicate where your changes took place in the “gene”.
6. Next, explain which of the three mutations is least likely to cause a serious side effect in the transcription of the DNA during protein synthesis, and why.
7. Finally, explain what a reading frame is, how it is related to the concept of the codon, and which of the three mutations is most likely to cause a frameshift error. Feel free to use your modified sequences to illustrate what you mean.
8. To submit your assignment, upload your finished document as a PDF.
Remember, submit this to me in Blackboard only, using the Assignments feature, NOT through my regular email! Also remember that assignments for a particular unit must be turned in by the end of the unit to receive credit!


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LM03 (Chapter 3) Activity: Mutations

LM03 (Chapter 3) Activity: Mutations

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