Literary Analysis of the book “Mango Street”

Literary Analysis of the book “Mango Street”. Literary Analysis of the book “Mango Street”. Be sure to jot down along the way notes/page numbers for textual evidence so that you have an easy reference when it comes to drafting the essay. Annotating your books will help with this. You can also draw ideas from your reading responses, but you will need to push your thinking beyond them into more complex analysis.

One objective of the assignment is to demonstrate that you can think deeply and critically about our course texts. Choose a topic that is narrowly defined and original, something that will give you the opportunity to offer sharp insights into a specific aspect of the text. Avoid making general observations about a topic; instead, develop a detailed analysis of its significance in the text. Take some risks and explore something interesting. If you use an idea covered in class as a starting point, that’s fine, but be sure to go beyond our class discussion and add something new. Keep in mind that an analysis should be objective; avoid presenting evaluations of the writing, topic, characters, etc.

Given the relatively short length of the essay, don’t attempt to cover too much ground. You should choose a topic that is narrow and specific, something that you can fully explore within the parameters of the assignment.

Place your emphasis on a close reading analysis of the chosen text. This essay should not include outside research. I’m interested in your interpretation. Finally, you can assume your reader (me) has read the text, so you don’t need to summarize plot points. What you cannot assume is that I have interpreted the text as you have; it’s your job to cite evidence to support your claims and to articulate how that evidence substantiates them.

I will use the following criteria to evaluate the literary analysis essay:

You chose a relevant, original, and narrowly defined topic for your analysis.
You have a clear analytical thesis that makes an original claim and shapes your essay.
You develop strong supporting points through close reading of your chosen text.
You cite relevant textual evidence to support all of your claims.
You organize your ideas logically and effectively.
Your essay is free of grammatical and mechanical errors and uses correct MLA citation/format for the document, in-text citations, and works cited page.
Your essay is a minimum of 1,600 words


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Literary Analysis of the book “Mango Street”

Literary Analysis of the book “Mango Street”

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